Founder-Acarya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Support us

The Hare Krishna community in Amsterdam, or ISKCON Kerkgenootschap/Stichting ISKCON Trading, is an institution without profit objectives. Also, we are according to dutch law, a recognised religion and thus a church. As an individual Hare Krishna centre we are financially independent and our income consists out of gifts, donations, allowances, and sales of Hare Krishna literature.

ISKCON Kerkgenootschap also has an ANBI status, which means that it is an institution for the general good. ISKCON Amsterdam thus is a recognised charity which means that you can get tax advantages over your gift. 

More than money alone 

Besides financial support we regularly also receive donations in kind, like a complete kitchen inventary, or free renovation construction. Everything helps, so also working hands. Without the support of our congregation and volunteers we could not exist. Do you want to support us in any kind of way, please contact us through See our contact page for other contact details.


You can cancel your subscription anytime by sending an email to, with your name and date from which you want to cancel.

One time donations

Sponsor Sunday Feast – 108 euro

Sponsor a Sunday Feast for a special occassion, like a birthday, new job or anything else to celebrate.

New Temple Building

Help the temple to get a new suitable home for Their Lordships Sri Sri Karuna-Nitai Gauracandra.

Open donation

Support the temple with a one-time open donation. You can choose the amount yourself.

Damodara month charity

Damodara month is considered the holiest month of the year. It is the month where devotees make more vows, practice austerities and offer ghee lamps to Lord Krishna. It is advised to give in charity during this month. This year, Damodara month is from 29 October till 27 November. The day before, on 28 October is Sharad Purnima, the celebration of Krishna dancing with the gopis. Please consider a kind donation to Lord Krishna during this month, and you will see the mercy flow. Thank you so much.